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About Evelien 

My Story

My first contact with Reiki was in 1997. At that time I juggled a corporate job with bringing up two young kids, and life sometimes felt overwhelming and quite stressful. I still remember how after a Reiki session I would feel in control again, calm and relaxed and full of new energy. 

Fast forward. 2010: the Earthquakes struck in Christchurch. My world literally went upside down and I started having anxiety attacks and sleepless nights. And again, it was Reiki which brought me back to a life where I was in control, poised and in peace with what was happening around me.


The results of just a few Reiki sessions were so unbelievably powerful that I decided to take a step back from my corporate career in human resources, do the necessary training and open up a Reiki practice so I could help other people with earthquake related stress.

My practice INbalanz  officially opened in December 2011 and since then I have not only dealt with earthquake related anxiety, but with a wide range of physical, mental and emotional issues.

If I hadn't experienced the results of Reiki therapy myself I would still find it hard to believe that such a simple technique can have such strong impact.

I also provide Reiki training and have given many Reiki classes up to the highest level. This is something that I am very passionate about as I love working with people and help them bring the best out of themselves.

Mission Statement

My aim is to communicate Reiki in a plausible and credible way. I want to raise awareness of the many health benefits of Reiki, and to make it available to the general public. 

My aim is to make Reiki accessible to you...

Whatever your background or situation, you will be treated in a professional way, with a high level of respect and integrity. I will offer you a safe, caring and confidential space in which you can reconnect with your life purpose.


I am a professional member of Reiki NZ  and I am committed to work with their ethical principles of Code of Ethics & Standards of Practice.

236 Larcombs Road


New Zealand


Phone: 0273470796


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© 2016 by Evelien Huismans


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